English speaking dentist in rome

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English speaking dentist in Rome

If you are in Italy, may be you are visiting us for vacation or for job. In any case, probably you don’t speak any italian if you are looking for an english speaking dentist in Rome.


When you are not in your own country, the last thing you want is to have a dental problem. Having to deal with a toothache that force you to attend a physician that in several cases is not able to understand you is an experience that scares several people. Anyhow, of course, there are some doctors that are able to speak a perfect english in order to help you feeling comfortable and in safe hands. If the problem you have relates to the teeth, you must attend a dentist in order to treat your mouth and stay better.


The head of our dental clinic is Dr. Cristina Greco, a english speaker dentist with years of experience. We will able to perfectly understand you, give you an immediate relief and, of course, an accurate estimate of spending in english.


If what you’re concerned about is the cost of dental treatment, we would like to inform you that our study strives to offer high quality services at affordable prices, so do not worry about this topic.


Our clinic is located in Rome, in Via Cesare Maccari 265 – 00125 Roma, and is easily reachable by public transportation. We also offer specialized services, as well as for English speakers tourists, for business man and members of consulates and embassies of Rome.


Please, feel free to contact us to get any type of information.

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